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Hydroelectric Installation Project

October 23-24, the 21st Shandong Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair was held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Bo Xianglian, deputy director of the Provincial Agricultural Department, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Wang Peiquan, president of the Provincial Plant Protection Association, opened the meeting.

In his speech, Bu Xianglian pointed out that plant protection work is an important part of promoting modern agricultural construction and an important measure to prevent and mitigate disasters and ensure agricultural safety in production. In order to deeply implement the concept of "scientific plant protection, public plant protection and green plant protection", the province's plant protection system actively cooperates with pesticide production and management enterprises to build cooperative activities between agricultural enterprises, guide high-quality agricultural production enterprises, increase research and development of new products, and provide more high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly plant protection products for agricultural production. The "double-joint ventures" have exchanged in depth, reached more consensus on promoting modern plant protection work, gathered wisdom and strength from all sides, and jointly promoted better and faster development of plant protection in our province. Nearly 800 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the exhibition. Nine exhibition halls of Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center were opened. The exhibition area was 40,000 square meters, amounting to more than 2,500 standard booths, including 130 special exhibitions.