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6 reasons to choose Jiangsu Zhongyiheng:

 1. Rich industry experience:

 After many years of practical experience and more than 200 project cases, we have accumulated rich industry experience in technology, scheme and construction management in the field of purification engineering and environmental protection engineering, laying a solid foundation for providing better technology and service quality. basis.

        2. Strong technical team:

        We have a number of expert technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the field of purification engineering and environmental protection engineering, and have established technical cooperation with many domestic universities to ensure that our technical solutions can completely solve customer problems;

        3. Butler service:

        From project consultation, to project plan planning, to the end of project implementation, we have systematically planned from the attitude of service, the level of service, and the process of service, and we have established a comprehensive service system covering the entire process of project management. Our philosophy: to fully realize the "active service, personal service, family service, professional service", so that owners can enjoy providing one-stop, comprehensive project services; meanwhile, we continue to improve the standard of housekeeping services and increase service feedback Time standards and service attitude standards, and developed a strict service system and standardized processes, as well as business, technical and customer service staff assessment systems, complaint reporting systems, clear rewards and punishment standards and strictly implement them.

        4. Advanced hardware facilities:

        All the equipment and equipment used by the company are international or domestic first-line brands. Among them, Bosch, Siemens, GM, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, etc. are the designated equipment and facilities used by the company, which makes our project implementation more accurate and precise.

        5. Quality construction management:

        The implementation of high-quality management includes "three constructions": organization construction, rules and regulations construction, and responsibility system construction; "four control": progress control, quality control, safety control, cost control; "eight management": That is, on-site management, production factor management, safety management, quality management, technical solution management, information management, project seminar management, node acceptance management; from point to face, three-dimensional management of the project is implemented to ensure that each project can become a boutique engineering.

        6. Strict safety management system:

        We adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first" and attach great importance to safety management. For many years, we have been adhering to the tenet of "sincerity-oriented, scientific management, safety first" to serve customers, and adhere to the management principle of "zero defects, zero accidents", so that each customer becomes our long-term friendly partner. The company conscientiously implements the responsibility for safety management. According to the requirements of “controllable, in-control” and “high standards, strict requirements, and zero violations” of safety management, the company conscientiously implements occupational safety and health management procedures, promotes standardization of safety measures, and effectively eliminates all types of major In the event of an accident, we will do our utmost to provide safety measures for the construction project, ensuring the good operation of the safety system and the realization of safety goals.